Maxx Elite MaxxDouble Digital Double Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer (Magical Orange)


Brand: Maxx Elite

Product Description

Stay Calm, Don't Rush And Preserve Nutrients With Maxx Elite

Old Warmer Technology

You must wait until your baby is ready to feed to start warming a bottle, this makes you feel Rushed, Stressed, Frustrated and Anxious as your baby starts to Scream wanting to feed Now!


New Technology

MaxxDouble is different, it's a Bottle Warmer for Every Household with a Baby, Featuring The Most Advanced Warmer technology on the Market!

MaxxDouble offers EASY 1 Touch Operation, Individual Temperature Adjustments, Allowing for Frustration Free Feedings

Envision the Calm from preparing bottles BEFORE your baby is ready to feed, then place into warmer, press "Gentle Warm", this NEW technology changes the state of breastmilk or formula from cold to warm gently to preserve vital nutrients, that are meant to benefit your baby.

Then "Steady Warm" will automatically keep milk at a constant warm temperature, up to 4 hrs until your baby is ready, then instantly when it's time, just shake and feed.

Repeat this process for ALL bottle feedings, Day and Night, see how easy feeding time will be!

Practice, get in the habit of preparing bottles in advance with MaxxDouble, you will be Preserving Nutrients and feeding instantly when your baby is ready!

Voted Best Warmer for Night Time Feedings

What to Expect Warming Time:

2-4oz Refrigerated Milk with 10oz filtered room temperature water inside warmer: 10-12 mins.

GENTLE WARM 40°C/104°F - For Room Temperature Formula or Breastmilk. EXPRESS WARM 70°C/158°F- FASTER WARMING, When you forget to prepare ahead. STERILIZE 100°C/212°F- Kills Germs and Bacteria in Bottles, Nipples or other small nursery items.

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  • Make life easier by being able to Sterilize more bottles, 2 at a time.
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