Maxx Elite Lock & Store Cups 5oz. Beautiful Blue / Sunshine Yellow 6pk.


Brand: Maxx Elite

Product Description

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Maxx Elite Lock & Store Cups

Perfect solution against messy breastmilk bags and Idea for storing breastmilk, formula and baby food.

-Better and more economical than messy storage bags

-Easy to transport without the worry on leaking 

-Keeps content fresher longer compared to storage bags.

3 Storage Cups in Beautiful Blue

3 Storage Cups in Sunshine Yellow

Maxx Lock                                                                    Maxx Store                                                           

-Twist Lock Design                                                        -Store Breastmilk

-Leak Proof                                                                    -Store Formula

-Air Tight                                                                        -Freezer Proof

-Shatter Proof                                                                 -Dishwasher Proof

-Inter Lock Tops                                                              -Pack and Carry

-Durable                                                                          -Last longer than storage bags

-Reusable                                                                       -Can be Sterilized


Can be used to feed baby food and then store in same container leftovers.

*Be sure that inner seal ring is in place when closing and locking top.