Maxx Elite "Clear" Microwave Sterilizer Gift Set

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Brand: Maxx Elite

Product Description

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Maxx Elite "clear"-compact microwave sterilizer gift set, sterilize to kill germs and bacteria in 5 minutes, using only 4 oz. of water. Your baby deserves the best! Gift set includes over $65 value (if purchased separately) of handy items to sterilize, cleaning and storage, aimed at making life a little easier for new parents. What's included! For sterilization: 1. compact microwave sterilizer- heavy-duty, holds 6 regular size bottles or 4 wide bottles and will fits in virtually all microwaves 2. Sterilizer tray- custom molded to organize and hold bottles or our included storage cups. 3. Sterilizer shelf- great way sterilize nipples, pacifiers and other small nursery items and still have room for 3 bottles. 4. Sterilizer clip- eliminates the need to touch hot bottles, nipples and pacifiers. For cleaning: 5. rotating bottle brush- great for cleaning inside bottles and storage cups before placing into sterilizer. 6. Brush can be sterilized once a week to keep it germ free. 7. for storage: 6 storage cups with airtight lids. Moms loves these super versatile cups. 8. Idea for breastmilk storage as they are air-tight, water-tight, leak-proof, freezer proof and portable. 9. Can be used for breastmilk or formula storage in refrigerator or freezer. 10. Other great uses include, dry formula storage, baby snack, homemade baby food and many more. 11. Dishwasher safe and stackable, great replacement for expensive breastmilk bags as these cups and lids are reusable, heavy-duty built to last. Voted best value as a baby shower gift. Give a gift that will be used day in and day out, this is it, we recommend using filtered or distilled water inside unit when sterilizing. Maxx Elite "clear" compact microwave sterilizer gift set is a great gift for any new mom.