Reseller Program

electric bottle warmer and cleaner

We're Launching Our Electric Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer Wholesaler/Reseller Program

We're looking to partner with Distributors and Resellers from across the globe to help us spread the word about Maxx Elite products and our nutrient-preserving line of Electric Bottle Warmers. We're experiencing explosive growth in the USA market and are looking to grow in US, Canada, Mexico, EU, Australia, South and Central America and beyond.

We're looking for Master Distributors, Regional Distributors, and Resellers. We offer discounts ranging from 30-50 percent. Market demand for our products is very high. We receive purchase requests daily from buyers all across the globe, and we need you to help fulfill these requests.

As a part of this program, you will be able to market and sell Maxx Elite baby bottle cleaners and warmers online, such as Amazon as well as any offline sources you deem fit for such products. We can manufacturer our electric bottle warmers to work with your country's particular electrical requirements and power plug. Contact us today for order quantity requirements.

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