My Airr By Maxx Elite

Take clean, ionized air with you everywhere you go with My Airr by Maxx Elite.

Air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 600,00 children under the age of five every year. It threatens the lives and health of millions more every single day. The My Airr air ionizer by Maxx Elite allows you to take clean air with you wherever you go.

My Airr is USB powered so it can be powered with your computer, lap top, USB portable charger and more! It is also small and compact so it can go with you virtually anywhere your life takes you. Whether you're traveling for work or vacation, this air purifier was designed to allow you to take control of the air you breath.

Clean, ionized air offers several health benefits including:

  • Helps kill bacteria, viruses, and other common contaminants
  • Ionized air can provide sinus congestion relief
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Repel mosquitoes & much more!

These are just a few reasons why this air purifier perfect for year-round use.

My Airr emits up to 100x times more negative ions than other portable ionizers and it is the only portable ionizer with a digital display. 

Please check out our Indiegogo campaign to learn more about My Airr by Maxx Elite or contact us with questions!

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