Warmer Accessories

Keep your baby’s bottles warm and clean without a problem when you shop our incredibly useful accessories. From extra Maxx Elite Gentle Care Bottles to a Maxx Elite Microwave Sterilizer Set, we have it all.

Feed With Perfection

Every baby deserves the best, and that includes their feeding. Whether you’re feeding your baby breast milk or formula, they need to have properly heated milk and properly cleaned bottles. Every baby should be given their milk in a clean bottle that’s warmed to perfection. When you purchase a Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer, you won’t have that problem. However, we understand if you start to run low on accessories.

Storage Bottles

Purchase new feeding bottles in both 5 oz. and 8 oz. sizes to keep your little one smiling. Additionally, if you don’t want to waste breast milk, be sure you purchase our Maxx Elite Lock & Store Cups. Each cup can hold 5 oz. of milk which may be placed in the freezer for later warming.

Give Your Baby What They Deserve

With our products, you’ll be able to provide your baby with everything they deserve. Provide them with consistent temperatures of milk when it's feeding time in a clean and sterilized bottle. Have the ability to feed them at a moment's notice with fast, yet safe heating times. Consistency is key and our mission is to keep your baby happy, healthy and fed! Plus, with our accessories, you’ll  be able to take care of feeding on the go. Shop for all of our baby milk warmer accessories now!

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