Bottle Warmers & Sterilizers

Making sure your baby is well-fed and getting enough nutrients is crucial for their development, and Maxx Elite is fully prepared to provide you with the best electric bottle warmers and sterilizers to make your job of caring for your baby easier, more efficient and safe.

Our Technology

All of Maxx Elite’s warmers feature “Gentle Warm” and “Steady Warm” technology. All of the warmers include our baby bottle sterilizing feature for added value.

"Gentle Warm"- Maxx Elite's warming method is aimed at preserving nutrients in both breast milk and formula.

"Steady Warm"- Once the bottle is warmed to the desired temperature, all our warmers will maintain that temperature until you and your baby are ready to feed. No more wasted milk because of overheating or time wasted having to rewarm your baby's bottle.

Why Use an Electric Bottle Warmer?

Not many parents know the benefits of using a bottle warmer to reheat breast milk or formula to the perfect temperature. Did you know reheating breast milk using a microwave can increase the chances of losing anti-infective properties, including nutrients; this is due to the change in the milk’s composition when heated quickly. With foruma, heating by a microwave causes uneven heat distribution, resulting in higher chances of burning of your child’s mouth or stomach.

Key Benefits

When you decide to give our electric bottle warmers a try, not only will the milk, breast milk or formula, keep the temperature of the milk constant, but it heats the liquid in a timely fashion. When feeding your child, consistency is key; there’s no acception. When a bottle warmer is used, you can rest assured your baby’s milk will be warm all the way through with a constant and safe temperature for drinking; plus, it’s convenient to have a portable baby bottle warmer and sterilizer on the go, when you need one most!