Why You Should Never Use a Microwave

Contrary to popular belief, a microwave isn’t as good for you or your baby as you may have been told earlier on in life. Nowadays, we hear how microwaves can pose health risks to you and your family, and it’s up to you to stop it. But, what about when you have a newborn baby who needs warm breastmilk? Can’t you just turn to a microwave for warmth and call it good? Our answer is no.

Reasons Why You Should Never Use a Microwave to Warm Your Baby’s Milk

Using a microwave to warm your newborn’s milk is a dangerous act that should never be performed. Instead, we highly recommend you use an electric bottle warmer. Why? A microwave gives bottled milk hot spots which can be dangerous to your child. A scorching hot bottle of milk that was warmed in the microwave can cause your child to experience and suffer from third-degree burns in both their mouth and stomach. A human body’s temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and without an electric bottle warmer, the temperatures from using a microwave can be spotty and exceed 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit easily, making it easy to feed your baby with what seems like a cooler bottle of milk from the outside, but in reality is a blistering hot bottle of milk on the inside. Simply put: A microwave is well-known for uneven distribution of heat.

A Microwave May Destroy Nutrients

Even though you may think using a microwave is the fastest and most effective way to heat your newborn’s breastmilk or formula, it’s important you choose to use an electric bottle warmer instead. A microwave may make any of the milk you put into it lose its anti-infective properties and nutrients. Additionally, the microwaved milk will most likely lose its composition. Within milk is valuable nutrients key to a baby’s development, such as vitamin C. When vitamin C is heated quickly, it will lose most of its nutritional value, leaving your baby without the proper minerals and vitamins needed to grow healthily.

A Better Option: Our Electric Bottle Warmer

A better option for many parents is an electric bottle warmer. Not only are these warmers reliable, but they’re quick and affordable. For under $30.00, you can provide your baby with warm milk wherever you are. Whether you’re on the go, on vacation or at home, an electric bottle warmer from Maxx Elite may be your best option for providing your newborn with safe-to-drink breastmilk or formula through a bottle. For best practices, every professional you talk to will say the same thing, “Avoid using a microwave oven to heat bottles or to thaw out milk.”  

Shop for a Bottle Warmer with Maxx Elite

Trying to determine whether using an electric bottle warmer is the right call is easy when you know doing so may affect the health of your newborn. In order to provide the best for your growing child, make sure you’re giving them the best. Shop for an electric bottle warmer online today with Maxx Elite. If you’re searching for a bottle warmer/sanitizer combo, you’re in luck; we have four great options for your to choose between. Check out your electric bottle warmer and sanitizer options now!

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