Why You Should Bottle Feed Your Baby

Most mothers battle the notion of what is the best possible way to feed their new bundle of joy. You may meet another mom who swears breastfeeding is the best option and another who swears by bottle feeding. At Maxx Elite, we may be a little biased because we have some of the best baby bottles and baby bottle supplies on the market. We believe whatever way you choose to feed and nourish your little one, is going to be the right way for them. But, before you come to that final decision we wanted to let you know some of the amazing benefits of bottle feeding your precious bundle.

Benefits of Bottle Feeding


One of the dominant reasons why women choose to bottle feed their babies is because of its sheer convenience. This is going to take less of a toll on the mother, as well as making the transition to the mother going back to work much easier. A baby bottle is a versatile option because the mother can still choose to use breast milk if she desires. Our gentle care bottles in the 5oz and 8oz are perfect for your baby.

Bond With Others

When you bring your new baby home, your family and friends are just dying to hold them and see how precious they truly are. One of the greatest feelings is when you bond with your little one, and also when you watch them bond with the ones closest to you. One of the advantages of using a baby bottle is that anyone can have that intimate moment of a feeding your infant. When you solely breastfeed, these moments are not possible with others. When you switch to the bottle, it can also give you a much-needed break because someone can take a shift of feeding and you can maybe relax for a few minutes. Bottle feeding may also help your other children accept and bond with your new baby. Many parents let their other little ones try their hand at feeding the new baby. This will make your other children feel confident and excited about this new sibling. Additionally, dad can get some great time with the new little one. Most fathers don’t get to experience the intimate moment of feeding, but with bottle fed babies this is entirely possible.


Bottle feeding helps keep your baby on a schedule for feedings and even other activities A schedule for a baby is so beneficial because then you and even your other family members can be matched with this same schedule. Babies who are on a routine may tend to sleep through the night better and only wake up for a feeding. Also, bottle feeding allows the mother to be away from the child during a scheduled feeding time. Anyone who is watching the little one is able to take over the feeding schedule and make sure baby gets the nutrients they need at the right moment. Mom can feel freer, as well as more confident that the baby is in good hands when she is not able to be present.

Time Between Feedings

Babies who are breastfed tend to eat more often than babies who are bottle-fed. Babies who eat more frequently have less time in between feedings. Babies who are attached to the breast tend to eat an accelerated rate, about once an hour. If you are a mom who knows this won’t be an option, bottle feeding is great because it allows you as the mother to have more time in between feedings. Bottle fed babies tend to eat every three to four hours, a drastic difference from breastfed infants. Keep the moments with your little one special, but also have time for yourself when you can.

Lactose Intolerant

Sometimes babies are lactose intolerant or have an aversion to breast milk. If this happens to your baby, there are many formula alternatives out there which will make you and baby feel good. If your baby has this condition, bottle feeding will be the only option. While this may upset you as the mother, don’t be too down because bottle feeding has many benefits, as we have listed, and your baby will be able to drink nutritious formula without the harsh effects.

Don’t Worry if Moms Ill

When you are choosing to breastfeed, you have to be so careful about what you are putting into your body, as it can back out in your breast milk. When moms get sick, have a drink, or take medication, they aren’t able to breastfeed or need to pump the bad milk out. If you are breastfeeding and become sick, you have to use formula to protect your baby. Starting with bottle feeding allows life to happen if you become sick your baby will still be able to eat on the same schedule. If you are a mom who suffers from a chronic illness and has to take medication daily, bottle feeding is your best option to protect baby.

At Maxx Elite, we want you to give your baby the best there is. Hopefully, this list shows you all the benefits of bottle feeding. Get the best bottles for your baby right here at our baby bottle shop. Not only do we have amazing bottles, we also have baby bottle sanitizers as well as bottle warmers, to give your baby the well-rounded care they deserve. Shop our amazing collection of baby bottle products, and always check back at our blog for more baby bottle tips and parenting advice!