Top 11 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You received an invitation to a baby shower, and you can’t wait to go show your love and support to your close friend who is about to bring a new life into this beautiful world. You quickly start to think about what gifts you’ll be able to purchase her for the new baby. You haven’t been to very many baby showers and you’re having a hard time figuring out what type of gift she’ll benefit from the most. Because many baby shower guests go through the exact same frantic process, our team at Maxx Elite has prepared a list of the perfect baby gifts.

11 Baby Shower Gifts Any Soon-To-Be Momma Will Love

Baby Booties

There’s nothing like shopping for baby shoes. Baby booties are a perfect gift for any baby. With over hundreds of styles to choose between, you may be stuck inside the store for a while. We highly suggest purchasing handcrafted leather booties. Why? They’re made with soft uppers and leather soles, keeping the baby’s tiny feet warm and protected.

New-Mom Note Cards

Baby announcements are an exciting way to tell family and friends about the baby’s arrival. Make your friend’s life a little easier by purchasing some baby announcement cards for her. There are hundreds of styles, including vintage, classic and contemporary. If you aren’t sure what she’ll want to choose as her baby announcement, feel free to purchase an online gift card.

Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Baby Bottle SanitizerA baby bottle sanitizer is a perfect gift for any new mom. When she’s feeding, swaddling and changing diapers all day long, she won’t have much time to clean the bottles the baby has used. Give her a fighting chance to keep her home and life somewhat organized by purchasing an easy-to-use and affordable baby bottle sanitizer for her baby’s used bottles.

Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSacks are an adorable and easy-to-use baby “sleeping bag” that is easy and safe to use on any baby at any age. In fact, it was awarded the #1 Safe Sleep Product gold seal. With one of these, the baby will be able to stay safe, warm and comfortable during all of their naps.

Tummy Time Play Mat

Babies love to interact with colorful, dangling toys. Whether the play mat you purchased has vivid colors, a teether, a dangling monkey, a soft quilt below and or a wind chime, this mini playfield will have many tots giggling full of joy. We suggest purchasing a play mat that is machine washable; you never know when their kiddo will have an accident.


Every experienced mother raves about a Bobby during their first months as a new mom. For feeding purposes, a Boppy is a perfect accessory for every new parent. As an easy solution to tiring arms, the new parent will be able to relax during each feeding session. You can purchase a Bobby in many different waist sizes and they can easily be machine washed and dried.

Baby Carrier

Every new mom should be able to head out the door at a moment’s notice. Whether your friend would like to head out for a day trip to the mall or wants to take a stroll to the nearest park, purchasing them a baby carrier will save their arms and will allow them to feel like they can go about normal everyday activities like they used to before the baby came.

Convertible Car Seat

A car seat is the perfect gift at any baby shower, but a convertible car seat will make the gift unimaginably better. A convertible car seat is better than a traditional car seat because the new parent will be able to use this car seat rear- and forward-facing. On average, these car seats can handle the weight up to a 65-pound toddler.

                        Electric Bottle Warmer

electric bottle warmerMany parents don’t realize how beneficial an electric bottle warmer will be to them. By giving them an electric bottle warmer, the parents will be able to rest assured they can have a babysitter for one night while they head out on a much-needed date night. Why? An
electric bottle warmer can easily warm up pumped breastmilk to the proper temperature for the baby. Additionally, if the parents love to travel, all they need to do is make sure they have some batteries or a power outlet to warm up the baby’s formula or breastmilk on the go.

Diaper Bag

Although you may think diaper bags are overrated, purchasing a new mom a stylish and modern diaper bag will change her outlook on them. Purchase her one that will double as a purse! Make sure the one you buy is appealing and doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag; moms will most-likely use it if it looks more modern, like a purse.

Onesies & Diapers

Contrary to popular belief, onesies and diapers are always highly recommended as a gift at a baby shower. Why? Babies go to the bathroom more than you realize, and more than a single onesie may become ruined and will likely go straight to the trashcan. Purchasing a package or two of newborn diapers and a couple cute onesies will allow any new parent to care for their child in the best way. By buying parents-to-be some clothing options and diapers, you’ll know their kiddo will have a clean bottom and a smiling face.

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