Sterilizing VS Boiling Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are one-way other family members, rather than the mom, can feed a newborn baby. Whether it’s with formula or pre-pumped breastmilk, feeding a newborn can be very gratifying and can create a bond between the newborn and whoever is feeding them. But when there are bottles piling in the sink, you may start to think, “What’s the best way to clean all of these?”

Benefits of Sterilizing Baby Bottles VS Boiling

There are a few benefits of choosing to sterilize your baby’s bottles with a baby bottle sterilizer rather than boiling them. Why? Steaming leads to sterilization in comparison to boiling, which leads to disinfection only. Here’s a little better breakdown:

Sterilization kills and removes any and all microorganisms in the baby bottle, including bacterial spores which are highly resistant to boiling and other cleaning methods.

Disinfection kills many, but not all, microorganisms. Although it reduces the number of contaminating organisms within a dirty baby bottle, some bacterial spores and organisms may survive the cleaning.

Baby Bottle SanitizerWhy should you use a baby bottle sterilizer?

During your child’s infant years, they will have quite an immature immune system. This means they will be much more vulnerable to infections by bacteria, parasites and viruses which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and dehydrations. Although it’s impossible to create a near germ-free environment for your little one, you can certainly reduce their risk of infection by using a baby bottle sterilizer. For further sterilization, you may also use the sterilizer to sterilize any utensils, breast pump parts and equipment.

Considerations Before You Start Using a Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Use BPA- and Chemical-Free Products

When you purchase new bottles to use in your baby bottle sterilizer, it’s important to purchase ones that are BPA-free and ones that are also free of other chemicals that when heated, leach into your baby’s milk or formula. These precautions are necessary because if not taken seriously, the chemicals have been known to cause developmental problems and endocrine issues in young children.

Sterilize All New Bottles

Just because a bottle is new and fresh out of the package does not mean it’s clean; this is true for baby utensils too. All bottles and baby utensils should be cleaned with the baby bottle sterilizer prior to use.

Sterilizing Baby Bottles Using an Electric Sterilizer

When first using your electric baby bottle sterilizer, you’ll have to learn how to properly use it. Be sure to pour the appropriate amount of water into the given space. Your electric bottle sterilizer will remove smells in the bottles, nipples and any other utensils needing to be sterilized. When you use your sterilizer, make sure to place the bottles facing down and the openings of nipples facing down as well. Understand, you can take advantage of your electric sterilizer for sterilizing other baby products too. Remember, steam sterilization is safer, more efficient and quicker than boiling.

Sterilizing Baby Bottles Using a Microwave Sterilizer

If you don’t have much time to wait for a bottle to be sterilized, you may want to purchase a microwave sterilizer. These sterilizers are a few minutes faster than an electric sterilizer; however, both a microwave and an electric sterilizer provides the same amount of sterilization. Be sure you add enough water to the sterilizer and read the directions thoroughly before use.

Why use a sterilizer over boiling water?

When you choose to forgo a sterilizer and boil your baby’s bottles, you’ll risk them drinking out of a contaminated bottle. Boiling does not kill all spores and bacteria, making your child’s weakened and new immune system more susceptible to illness. Additionally, boiling your baby’s bottles, nipples and other products may end up doing more harm than good; it’s common to experience damage to baby bottles and nipples in comparison to sterilizing methods. Plus, you may end up burning yourself if you’re not careful.

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