Reasons To Sterilize Baby Bottles

There are many gross illnesses, viruses and bacteria out in the world that can put your baby in harm’s way, and at Maxx Elite, we want to eliminate that possibility. If this sounds like something you’d like to achieve, it's time you learn what nasty and scary elements can grow inside your baby’s bottle if you’re not using a baby bottle sterilizer. We already told you that there are many types of bacteria, including gastroenteritis that can grow within a dirty baby bottle if left unsterilized; here are more dangers you will be able to avoid if you decide to use a baby bottle sterilizer.

Risks of Unsterilized Bottles


Although this may seem a bit obvious to some, a harbor of germs can colonize within your baby’s bottle and make them sick. In fact, bottles that aren’t sterilized can be contaminated with hepatitis A or rotavirus. Furthermore, germs are strong and can even live on the surface of your baby’s bottle for up to several weeks. This only increases the risk of your baby catching an illness. Additionally, rotavirus causes diarrhea which then leads to dehydration, and hepatitis A can be harmful to your baby’s liver. If these scary germs aren’t enough to make you use a baby bottle sterilizer, we don't know what will!

How To Properly Sterilize Your Baby’s Bottle

When you’re dealing with plenty of dirty baby bottles on your hands, you may think it’d be best to throw them in the dishwasher or in some hot and soapy water; wrong! You’ll want to purchase a reliable baby bottle sterilizer online from the pros at Maxx Elite and set it up correctly. In order to sterilize your baby’s bottles thoroughly, we recommend you wash the bottles from the inside out with warm and soapy water. This will help remove any built up traces of formula or milk. Why would this matter? Traces of milk and formula will only encourage bacteria and germs to grow. You'll place the bottles inside the baby bottle sterilizer and press start. However, if your dishwasher has a “sterilization” setting, be sure you give it a shot!

Where To Find the Best Baby Bottle Sanitizers Online!

There is a lot of hard work and dedication behind the concept and design in each and every one of our baby bottle sterilizers. Not only will they sterilize your baby’s bottles with exceptional detail, but many of them double as electric bottle warmers too. However, if you’re searching for a sanitizer that will work primarily as a baby bottle cleaner, the Maxx Elite “Clear” Microwave Sterilize Gift Set may be what you want. This product offers users a compact and easy way to sterilize baby bottles with nearly no effort. Plus, you’ll be able to sterilize other small nursery items, such as pacifiers, nipples and teething toys. It can hold up to six regular sized bottles or four wide bottles and was designed to fit into nearly any size microwave. So, whether you’re on vacation or at home, you’ll have the ability to sanitize whenever you need! Check out the Maxx Elite “Clear” Microwave Sterilize Gift Set now! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us online now.