Make Traveling Easier With A Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Previously on the Maxx Elite blog, we spent some time discussing some of the many challenges of being the mother of a newborn child in relation to being a busy mom on the go. Not only are more and more mothers a part of the workforce, but many families are forced to find creative solutions for childcare, such as bringing their newborn to soccer tournaments and dance recitals. However, these are not the only times that being the parent of an infant presents complications outside of the family’s regular routine. For many parents, having a newborn also means having to travel with the baby, and this scenario definitely increases the degree of difficulty of travelling. Not only is it much more difficult to keep baby bottles warm when you are away from home, it also becomes incredibly difficult to keep the bottles clean and sterilized. While it is certainly more difficult to do both of these things while traveling, it certainly is not impossible. With Maxx Elite’s baby bottle sanitizer, travelling with a newborn could be a little bit easier due to the portability and ease of use of the the baby bottle cleaner.

Staying With Family

One of the reasons that a family with a newborn could be travelling is to visit the rest of the extended family over the holidays. At first, it may not seem as difficult to care for your newborn child at this time because other people might be around to help out with some of the smaller tasks, and some parents probably enjoy being able to hand their child off to a grandparent for a few brief moments of rest. However, babies still need to be fed, and when travelling, this can be troublesome. Not only is it difficult to keep warm bottles of milk around, it is even harder to clean the bottles. While visiting family, it might be possible to use a stove, but it is not always a guarantee. In order to make sure that you are capable of properly sterilizing your baby’s bottle, you could consider bringing a Maxx Elite baby bottle sanitizer with you. Not only will you be able to warm 4 ounces of milk in a couple minutes, you will also be capable of sterilizing the bottle before reusing it, ensuring your baby is not going to be affected by harmful bacteria.

Staying At A Hotel

Although travelling over the holidays often involves staying with family, on some occasions the only available option is hotel lodging. Hotels present unique challenges, especially to the parents of a newborn child, because they have limited space and limited amenities. While the occasional hotel suite may have a kitchenette, it is a safe bet that your hotel will not have the ability to properly warm up a baby bottle for a nighttime feeding nor will the room be capable of completely sterilizing a baby bottle. In order to make your hotel stay easier, you may want to consider bringing along a Maxx Elite baby bottle sterilizer. Due to the portable and dependable design, you will have the capability to fully sterilize baby bottles anywhere with a usable outlet. This means your hotel stay can be simplified, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a little bit of rest in between feedings instead of trying to sanitize baby bottles in the bathroom sink.