How To Get Rid of Built Up Breast Milk Residue on Baby Bottles

If there’s one thing many moms have in common, it’s having a hard time getting rid of the annoying and somewhat disturbing built up breast milk residue that resides on your baby’s bottles. Unfortunately, the residue can become harmful if not taken care of immediately. In fact, according to and Philips Avent, until the age of 12 months, an infant’s immune system isn’t strong enough to ward off bacteria. So, whether you decide to breastfeed your baby or feed them using a bottle, it’s of the utmost importance to keep their bottles and other feeding equipment as clean and sterile as possible. Why? It’s easy for bacteria to grow on nearly anything; however, it’s even easier for bacteria to form within a dirty bottle that’s caked with breast milk residue. In order to help avoid bacteria growth altogether, here are some preventions you can do to avoid these growing pathogens in the first place.

Avoid Breast Milk Residue By...

...Washing the bottles right after use.

To give the bottles a fighting chance to stay clean and far away from built up residue, it’s crucial you clean the just-used bottles right after you feed your baby. This also includes any feeding equipment used. You’ll wash them with a mild detergent and hot water or throw them in the dishwasher for immediate cleaning. If you’re cleaning the dirty bottles by hand, be sure you purchase a baby bottle cleaner accessory, such as a bottle brush (if you’re washing by hand). However, be sure to pay close attention to the other feeding equipment used, such as the nipples and caps of the baby bottle; residue tends to get into the nooks and crannies, making it harder to clean and easier for bacteria to form. For best practice, separate the nipples and cap to the bottle prior to washing.

...Using a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Vinegar can be used to clean and disinfect nearly anything on Earth, and a baby bottle is something that can benefit from an equal mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Fill up your sink with half and half, and let the used baby bottles soak in this organic cleaner for several minutes. After a few minutes have passed, rinse out the vinegar soaked bottles with cold water and place them in the baby bottle cleaner that will sanitize them thoroughly to get them ready for use once again.

...Rubbing bottles and latex nipples with salt.

This may seem a bit odd, but just like an exfoliation scrub on your skin removes dead skin cells, rubbing bottles and latex nipples with salt (“baby bottle exfoliation scrub”), you’ll hopefully be able to remove any stubborn milk residue that has been, over time, building up on your baby’s bottles.

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Today, we’ve given readers a few tips on how to get rid of the stubborn breastmilk residue, to learn more, feel free to give us a call or contact us online. In the meantime, find new baby bottles, a baby bottle cleaner and any accessories you may need to make cleaning dirty bottles easier than ever. Shop now!