Dangers of Not Sterilizing Baby Bottles

Newborn babies are fragile, especially their immune systems. Their immune systems may be the most vulnerable aspect about them. Because of this, it’s highly important you sterilize your baby’s bottles with a baby bottle cleaner from Maxx Elite. If you’re unaware of the dangers of not sterilizing your baby’s used milk bottles, it’s crucial you learn why choosing to do so rather than boiling them or throwing them in the dishwasher is the right action to take. Without proper sterilization of these bottles, they can very well become a dangerous risk to your little one. Not only is the sterilization process quick and easy, but it’s much easier to be confident you’re protecting your newborn from possible hazards that unclean bottles can pose.

Risks of Unsterilized Bottles


According to Roger Webber, author of Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: A Global Perspective, when you feed your baby from a bottle that hasn’t been sterilized, they’re at risk for gastroenteritis. By definition, a viral gastroenteritis is an infection in the intestines that causes diarrhea, cramping and vomiting. If your baby has been exposed to this virus, it can be very dangerous and even fatal for infants, according to An easy solution to avoid this tragedy all together is to sanitize your baby’s bottles and to decrease their risk of becoming infected in the first place with a baby bottle cleaner.



Like water bottles and other containers that seal off the ability to vent, a baby bottle can easily grow bacteria that is harmful enough to cause certain types of illnesses. One of the more common bacteria illnesses babies suffer from when you don't use a baby bottle cleaner is food poisoning, according to; is an organization dedicated to combating food-borne illnesses. Additionally, if you tend to prepare your baby’s milk in a dirty kitchen or with hands that are dirty, the chances of your baby experiencing a food-borne illness increases significantly. Also, be sure you don’t keep your baby’s formula or milk out for long, doing so can increase the chances of harmful bacteria to growing inside the bottle. Lastly, if you decide to just wash the bottle with some water and soap, it may not be good enough. The bottle may still contain bacteria you missed and didn’t clean our thoroughly. A baby bottle cleaner is an easy and trusting solution. 




Shop for a Baby Bottle Cleaner & Avoid Illness

There are many different food-borne illnesses that you don’t want your newborn baby to fight off. From gastroenteritis to stomach flu bacteria, an uncleaned and unsanitized baby bottle is one in which you should never use to feed your baby. But don't worry, our incredible team at Maxx Elite has developed baby bottle cleaners you can trust to sanitize your baby’s bottles effectively. There should be no chance and no risk of your baby getting ill from drinking the milk. Do what you can as the best parent in the world and use a baby bottle cleaner to sanitize each and every one of your baby’s bottles.