Benefits of Using an Electric Bottle Warmer

Many new parents or future parents are searching for the best tools to make their lives easier once their little one arrives. Whether you’re experienced or you’re first time parents, knowing what to purchase or to request as a baby shower gift will make your life easier once the baby comes. One of the most recommended items on this list is an electric bottle warmer. Electric bottle warmers provide parents and newborns with benefits you’ll both love!

5 Advantages of using an Electric Bottle Warmer

Constant Temperature

Whether you’re providing your baby with formula or pre-pumped breastmilk, using a microwave will make breastmilk lose its nutrients and anti-infective properties, and the milk’s composition will most likely change. The nutrients a baby is given through breast
milk include Vitamin C, and this breastmilk will lose most of its Vitamin C when heated quickly. When feeding your baby formula, heating the formula through the microwave can result in an awful heat distribution. This only causes the possibility of burns in your child’s mouth or stomach. Furthermore, after heating formula through a microwave, parents tend to shake the bottle to mix up the milk from breaking down; however, the milk will still re-conglomerate very quickly.

Time Efficient

When you’re taking care of a newborn baby, it may seem like you have zero time on your side. Time travels quickly and even quicker when you have no sleep. When you have an electric bottle warmer, you can efficiently, effectively and gradually heat your baby’s milk when they need it most. This only means one thing; you’ll be able to nap when you need!


When using a microwave or stovetop to heat your baby’s milk, whether it’s breastmilk or formula, there will be a lot of inconsistent temperatures experienced. The key to heating a
 bottle through and through is by using an electric bottle warmer. By warming the milk slowly while surrounded by a constant temperature, you can rest assured your baby will be drinking milk that’s consistency all the way through.


When traveling it can be hard to find a microwave or stovetop to provide your baby with the nutrients and food they need. In order to prevent you from not being able to feed your newborn at a moment’s notice, have an electric bottle warmer is key.


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