Benefits of Paced Bottle Feeding

If you read our last blog, we have been discussing paced bottle feeding, and how to utilize it for your baby. Paced bottle feeding is beneficial for moms who are trying to wean their baby off of their breast. This type of transition to a baby bottle will be the easiest for baby.

At Maxx Elite, we want to make mealtimes for your little one as easy and safe as possible. Our online store contains the best baby bottle warmers, sanitizers, and cleaners. We offer these products so we can make your job as a parent easier than ever before. You can always trust our products to keep your baby safe and satisfied.

We wanted to go over all the benefits of paced bottle feeding while using our baby bottle warmers, and sanitizers.

It’s Similar to Baby’s Natural Instinct

When we think about breastfeeding, there is a lot that goes into it. No one is a failed mother if breastfeeding isn’t working out for them or they need to stop because they will be out of the home. However, paced bottle feeding is great for your baby because it is similar to breastfeeding; your baby should be able to transition from breast to bottle with ease.

Avoid Over-and Under-Feeding

If someone else is beginning to care for your infant, paced bottle feeding with help the person caring for them protect the baby from being over fed or possibly underfed. Because paced bottle feeding keeps the baby in charge and in control, they will be able to decide when they are full, not the caregiver. This will put you at ease when you are not capable of doing the feedings yourself.

Less Stress

When babies are laid down on their backs for feedings, they become very stressed because they have to perform more work. The reason why is because when babies are feeding from the bottle, they are swallowing the formula or milk and negative pressure is pushing the liquid out of the bottle. Your baby will have to keep gulping so they don’t choke. When you incorporate paced bottle feeding, the baby will be able to take the breaks they need in order to keep eating, and they won’t feel overwhelmed by the constant flow of liquid.

Prevent Colic

When your baby feeds out of a bottle without using the paced feeding method, they are gulping constantly, causing air to be ingested, which in then causes gas. This will make baby feel very uncomfortable. Using the paced feeding method will lessen the chance of air getting ingested by the baby and causing the discomfort of gas.


Pumping will become easier because, when you pace feed, you will be pumping out the exact amount of milk that the baby will need per feeding. You will be able to rest assured that you don’t have a low milk supply. Some new mothers believe this because it looks like their babies are being underfed when it comes to regular style bottle feeding.

Start Good Eating Habits

Paced bottle feeding is a great way to teach baby good eating habits right from the get go. Teaching the baby to stop when they feel satisfied will prevent them from overeating, which can carry on through their childhood and into adulthood.

At Maxx Elite, we believe the paced bottle feeding method is going to be most beneficial for your baby. The method will help remain less stressed, prevent colic, and can affect their future eating habits. We also want to remember to always warm up your baby’s milk with one of our amazing baby bottle warmers. Our baby bottle warmers will guarantee that your baby’s meal is heated just to the proper temperature.

Afterward, use our baby bottle cleaners and sanitizers. Leftover milk or formula particles in the baby bottle can make baby very sick, and we want your baby to stay happy and healthy.

Maxx Elite has a wide variety of items to make feeding your baby a simple task. Check out our amazing selection and find the perfect baby bottle warmer, cleaner, or sanitizer today. Always keep up with our blogs for more tips and benefits of bottle feeding your baby. We know being a parent is an overwhelming responsibility, let us take some of the pressure with our parent approved and baby friendly products.